Crimes Against Children

The Stanislaus County District Attorney's Office Crimes Against Children (CAC) unit prosecutes felony and misdemeanor crimes of child abuse including sexual molest, physical abuse, neglect and homicide. The CAC unit is comprised of attorneys and an investigator who receive specialized training in child abuse prosecution including medical, psycho-social and legal components. Cases are handled in a vertical prosecution format where one deputy district attorney is assigned the matter at the time law enforcement submits the case to the District Attorney's office for review, and handles the case at all court appearances and hearings.

The Victim/Witness Unit of the District Attorney's Office is responsible for providing victims and their families with information regarding victims' rights, counseling services, restitution claims, victim impact statements, parole hearings and requests regarding parole locations. The Victim/Witness Unit also assists the deputy district attorney in providing a safe location for the child to stay during the time the child is present at the courthouse to provide testimony.